New Projects

One of a kind Artworks:

“At A Crossroads  24” X 36” X 2”, Photography and Mixed Media,

This self-portrait in a street mirror, captured in a Spanish Village, exactly reflected where I felt I was in my life: at a crossroads… It became the center piece of an artistic exploration of my own psyche. After enlarging the photograph and cutting out the mirror, I created a new 3D background with a rough surface to draw on. The graffiti looking calligraphy and uneven, prickly letters are to convey the “bumpy ride” of someone embracing changes in life and express the diversity of feelings, emotions and states of mind that comes along. I chose to write the words in circle around the image to evoke the sensation of being caught in a vortex that one may experience in circumstances of transition. I mounted the cut out photograph in a way that slightly projects from the background, for a 3 D effect (not discernible on picture of the original artwork).

My intention all along was to graphically infuse a deeper meaning (not always obvious to perceive) in the presentation of my photography, and to let my interest in the science of psychology permeate the creation of this artwork.

Digital Artwork:

Hypnosis by Abstract: 24” X 24”.

Digital graphic art on Fine Art Paper – surrendering to the attraction of colors and the power of shapes.

Meditation on a Cross of Blue Poppies: 24” X 24”

Digital graphic art on Fine Art Paper – meditating on a field of blue poppies surrounded by a sea of vibrant tulips.

Fine Art Photography with an Environmental Twist:

Growing increasingly concerned that our natural environment is being endangered and threatened, I currently feel driven to publish photography that not only advocates environmental conservation and protection, but also promotes awareness of Nature’s resourcefulness and resiliency. An old car graveyard recently inspired me to investigate Nature’s responses to mankind’s negligence and pollution; I find myself on a quest to witness and capture more examples of Nature’s unstoppable Life Force and its victories over mankind’s carelessness: my own way to spread some hope.

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