* Donations, Fundraisers, Charities

I am always happy to help a non-profit organization, a charity or a community Fundraiser! I am happy to do so if it is a ”Win-Win” situation. However, as there are many requests, I carefully select the organizations that I support, favoring the ones that are close to my heart, values and interests.

This is what I can do for you:

If the date of your event fits my schedule, I am willing to set up an elegant display of my Artwork for sale in the room where it takes place and give a percentage of my sales to your fundraiser.

The benefits for your Organization:

·       no work to do in relation to my display (I take care of that).

·       no staff needed to sell my work or tend to my booth (I interact directly with customers).

·       a check at the end of the evening (assuming your attendance is appreciative of Art & ready to spend a little).

·       the satisfaction to provide your attendance with quality Artwork and create One of a Kind Event including the presence of an Artist (or more).

Your Organization’s responsibilities:

·       Provide a decent space for the Artist’s display where activities take place.

·       Bring in an attendance willing to spend on Art.

·       Include information about the sale of Artwork while advertising your event.

I am no longer willing to donate Art for regular Auctions.

Over the years, I have been giving many pieces for all kinds of Auctions. I realized I was shooting myself in the foot.

Most of the time,

·       Artwork is sold much under its real value, even when Artists indicate the minimum bid acceptable to them; this hurts their market, career and reputation.

·       Information about the buyer and the price the Art sold for is not communicated to the Artist.

·       Artists are barely acknowledged for their donations, rarely given a receipt.

·       At some events known for providing Art, people especially attend to get great deals on Art: Wealthy buyers get great discounts, poor Artists get nothing!

·       When the Art is not sold, it is not returned to the Artist but taken by volunteers or staff.

In a general way, regular Auctions don’t do Artists any good as they reflect a lack of respect for the value of Art and the work of Artists.

Do you know these facts?

·       Artists can only write off the cost of the material they use to create the Artwork (their work, talent, creativity are not valued), while anyone else can write off the full value of the items they donate.

·       Most professional Artists are poor, uninsured or underinsured, have no regular income, no retirement fund. They are among those who suffer the most from the current Economy and are struggling more than ever.

·       Artists are heavily solicited for donations! They can’t possibly say Yes to everyone.

·       Artists are usually very sensitive individuals. Pressuring them to donate is a big No-No! They do not want to feel obligated to do something that doesn’t feel right for them, they don’t want to be made feel bad for not saying Yes to everyone.

·       Artists already give a lot to the society and community simply by giving fully of themselves, exposing their most vulnerable sides through showing of their artwork. They make the world a better place, create thought provoking pieces of art, etc. It is their work that remains to reflect the culture of an era after we are all gone…

·       After they die, Artists give all their Artwork to the society anyway (through Museums,etc)!

If you are interested in learning more about how to create Win-Win partnerships with Artists in order to get their support for fundraising events, these are links to interesting Blogs that extensively discuss the subject and suggest the best approach.