* Technique



I work with a traditional medium format camera, with traditional films and will as long as films are available. Generally, I find my images while discovering new places, exploring the outdoors or simply experiencing the healing power of Nature. These photographs are straightforward, B & W or color.


The Bathrobe Series:


When I pose the bathrobes, I really think of them as persons with real bodies, emotions, feelings and thoughts. I strive to make them look as natural as possible. This involves time, persistence, attention to details and the use of custom props.


I record the situations in B & W with my Mamiya 645AF. My negatives need to be technically clear and sharp to allow for 24” X 36” photographic enlargements with exceptional quality. I add colors to selected parts of my images and work on their nuances until they meet my expectations. I then print each image in limited edition with archival pigments on archival paper. The creation process of a single scene takes up to one week to complete.