* Biography

Born in France to a modest Polish family, as a child, Danièle Piasecki loved drawing and painting. Nothing in her life, though, seemed to predict a destiny in the Arts. When a young woman, she had to interrupt her studies in Psychology and went to work for the French Lotteries. While climbing the Corporate ladder for the next fourteen years, she attended night school, graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Psychology and a diploma in Business Management. Danièle ultimately discovered her eye for Photography while scouting locations as the Company’s Travel & Seminars Director. Consequently, she took a few classes and workshops at the Photography Institute in Paris. In 1991, realizing that her heart truly was into Photography and Visual Arts, Danièle relinquished the Corporate Life and took a trip to the U.S.A., a first step to become more fluent in English before traveling and photographing the world!

Unexpectedly, she fell in love with Alexandria, Virginia, and the charming city set the stage for a new chapter in Danièle’s life. Overcoming the challenges of culture & language, she became involved with numerous Art organizations and quickly made a name for herself on the local Art scene with her images from the Old Casbah of Algiers, her vibrant color photography and architectural interpretations. During the next decade, her work was featured in hundreds of juried Art exhibitions and more than twenty Solo Shows. Around 1997, Danièle began showing and selling her photography at Fine Art Festivals all around the country.

Simultaneously, since 1999, Danièle has been working on projects with the Healthcare Environment, helping through large peaceful and colorful nature imagery to create serene and comforting surroundings for patients and staff in otherwise frightening facilities, especially in Oncology Departments.

More recently, after working for many years in color photography, Danièle added a new dimension and skills to her Art and technical expertise by developing a collection of black & white photographs with partially added colors, which gave way to the creation of her whimsical series of Bathrobe Art.

Behind Danièle’s multi-faceted creativity, there is one common denominator in all of her bodies of work: her Art is consistently meant to bring happiness, beauty, serenity, peace and light into the viewer’s life. She has never stopped learning, improving her skills and developing her own voice. Danièle has become a master printer and publishes her limited editions of photographs to museum standards, using only archival media.

Danièle relocated from Northern Virginia to Martinsburg, West Virginia, in 2006 to have more space to work on large projects, benefit from the outdoors and less polluted air as she suffers from emphysema. She is actively discovering the beauty of her new Home State, a powerful inspiration for new bodies of Artwork.

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